We produce high quality cost effective films.

Ian Paine Creative was established in 2004 to supply High Quality Video Production in the North East. Since then we have produced well over a hundred films for various types of client from local authorities, arts organisations, third sector, schools & colleges, corporate, as well as individual film commissions.


Some of the things we do


Video filming to the highest standard, using the latest 4K and HD cameras along with all the relevent audio and lighting equipment, to produce the best image for our clients.


Bring all the footage together with graphics and music. Whatever the task of the completed video, enhance your business reputation, help tell your story or drive customers to your website.

Video Production

Full production service consultation, script, filming, editing, graphics and delivery to any platform. Video content can bring you product or service to life, talk to us to start your video journey.

Training / Consultation

IPC also helps to facilitate workshops in filmmaking and photography working with schools, youth groups and community organisations.


Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council
Middlesbrough Environment City
The Forge
Tees Valley Arts
Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Cambridge Research Biochemicals
Tin Arts
Durham Wildlife Trust (WildGround)
Since 2004 Ian Paine Creative has worked with every type of client, Local Authorities, Coorporate, Local and National Arts Organisations to small companies and individuals. We pride ourselves on a personal approach, working closely with the client to achieve a quality outcome.


Here's some example pricing for video production.


Half a day shoot, followed by one day edit. Great for introduction films, perhaps MD delivering the ethos of the company, a chance to show your customers around your new premises. (Half Day shoot £250 and one day edit @ £450)



One day shoot with one day edit, a step up from the Basic Package, start telling your story using video, perhaps a piece to camera from your staff with some dynamic shots of your new product or service (£450 per day shoot, £450 edit)


Video Production

Full production service consultation, script, filming, editing, graphics and delivery to any platform. Example pricing based on one day filming followed by a two day edit (1 day shoot @ £450 per day 2 days edit @ £450 per day)



Keep track on what we're getting up to


SIRF - This is part of what we do...

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working with Stockton Council to make the Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF) virtual. We produced over twenty films for the online festival, this is probably my favourite as it sums up what SIRF is all about, plus, both me and my two sons are in it (nothing like a good bit of nepotism). Please take a look and if you want to see more visit https://www.sirf.co.uk/programme/ to see the full 4 day virtual festival. Big thanks to all the acts and audience at SIRF over the years.

Helping you tell your story

Connect & Capture


Treatment & Script

Initial meeting to talk about ideas and the purpose of the film, its intended audience, style, running time, delivery format etc.  A treatment is produced taking in to account all the items mentioned, this gives a reference to work to throughout to production process.
A script is then produced. The exact form of the script will depend on the approach, a documentary style film may produce a script that is simply questions to be asked during the on camera interview process, the answer to the questions providing the films narrative. A more traditional approach may mean a solid voice over script along with a shot list.


At this point we reach the production stage, which normally means the start of filming.  This would normally include filming the bits that the film is about, perhaps an event or process, interviews etc. This can generally be the longest part of the production process making sure that everyone is available and ready to be filmed.

Post Production

Once all the footage is gathered together along with anything else that may be needed (graphics, music, voice over recording etc) the editing process can start.  The time it takes to complete the edit can vary greatly depending on the film, a simple piece to camera (PTC on the jargon) would be very simple to put together, simply editing the recording down to its salient points adding graphics and some cutaway shots. An edit of a big event may take longer. As a rule of thumb (but as usual things are always different) one day of shooting will generally need two days to editing.


Once the film has been completed and signed off (checking everything matches the original treatment, graphics are correct, peoples names are spelt correctly etc) the film can be authored to DVD or exported ready for use on the internet or any other digital device. In most cases the film is uploaded to either youtube or Vimeo for playout through an embedded link on a website/facebook etc. We can also archive the the film so it can be added to or re-edited in the future.

In House

In House
We bring as much of the production process as possible in house. That means Cameras, Lenses, Lighting, Sound, Grip (tripods, cranes, dollies, sliders etc) Editing, Graphics, Duplication and Distribution are all owned and controlled by IPC. No equipment is dry hired or used by anyone else but IPC. This means that everything works on the day, no batteries un-charged or equipment missing or damaged.


Still from 'Leonardo' a play by Theatre Hullabaloo about DaVinci.
Whilst we pride ourselves on having as much 'in house' as possible we do realise that there are somethings that we don't do, and therefore work with organisations who we trust. For websites we use www.packhorsedesign.com. When we need actors we work with the DJW agency www.djwschool.co.uk. If a job needs a marketing agency with a good media buy we work with Proportion Marketing www.proportionmarketing.co.uk If a job needs a voice over we have several actors who we have used over the years. We also work with newbreedanimation for any complex 3D work.

Talking Heads

Talking Heads
Not just a great band from the 70s and 80s but the term for an on camera interview and generally what makes the main narrative for the majority of our films. We pride ourselves on making people feel happy and comfortable in front of the camera and will go to great lengths to ease them in to the process. We always get great feedback from people who we have interviewed, generally thanking us for making the whole process enjoyable.

Other Services

Other Services

In addition to the services detailed on these pages we also film meetings for organisations and local authorities, uploading them directly to youtube and made accessible to the public. We work with several schools, making promotional films for them and helping them to develop their video based skills. We also offer an archive service for our clients so footage remains catalogued and available to re-edit and re-purpose.

Communicate & Engage


At IPC we shoot and edit in HD which has really become the industry standard.  We invest in the latest professional grade cameras to make sure that the recorded image is of the best quality. It’s not just about cameras, lighting, grip (tripods, cranes, dolly etc), microphones, mixers etc are all important to creating great images and sound.
Canon C300 Mkii 4k camera with log recording. With Atomos Shogun Inferno for full 4K RAW recording
Canon C100 with Ninja external recorder. The C300 & C100 are backed up by a full compliment of lenses 24-70mm L-series, 17-40mm L-series, 70-200mm L-series, 8mm fisheye, 30mm f1.4 prime, 50mm f1.8 prime, 18-35mm f1.8 Sigma A series, 18-180mm IS zoom, 10-22mm zoom, collection building all the time. Set of Zeiss Milvus Primes 25mm f1.4 and 50mm f1.4
Sony EX3 XDCam, with external Samurai Recorder (direct recording to ProRes422). With Wide-Angle converter and additional external XDCam recorder.
Canon EOS R & 5DmarkII HDSLR fully rigged to be used for video filming with Zacuto EVF finder matte box etc.
GoPro camera.
Full Lightweight LED Brightcast/Lowel location kit.
Full Lowel tungsten kit (Rifa-55 & Rifa-44 Softlights, 2 x ViP Pro-light, Tota-lights and Omni-light in Chimera Chinese Lantern)
Dedolight with effects projection attachment.
2 x Kino-Flo Diva 400 Fluorescent Lighting
Various LED top-lights including Lowel Blender.
Various Reflectors, Filters and other light modifiers.
Green/Blue Screen plus stands.
Sanken CS1 Short Shotgun Microphone
Sennheiser 416t Shotgun Microphone
Various lavalier microphones Sanken Cos11, Bayer, Rode etc.
Radio Mics (Micron and Sennheiser)
SoundDevices 302 Broadcast Mixer.
Stands, Booms and sound blankets.
Various Tripods (Miller and Manfrotto)
Glidecam Rig.
Hague Camera Crane.
IndieDolly sit on camera dolly (straights and curves)
Sliders (Syrp, Glidetrack)
Syrp Genie (timelapse kit)
DJI Ronin MX
Various Macs running FCPX (Motion, Compressor etc)
Various plugins (ColorFinale, Looks etc)
RAID storage.
DVD Duplication.


Ian Paine has worked in professional video and film for the last 25 years. Originally training as an editor producing corporate programming, then running the Edit House in Middlesbrough (the North Easts first AVID Online Non Linear Editing system). This was followed by running the video production department at Centaur Training (an award winning training provider to the care/health industry).  In 2004 Ian became freelance under the banner of ‘Ian Paine Creative’. During this time he has built up a large client base, producing a varied portfolio of work.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project.


2 Calvin House.
Green Dragon Yard,
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