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Working with Youtube Channels

In 2018 I received a call while travelling home from a short break. ‘Do you have experience of filming in operating theatres?’ came the question. 'Yes, of course' I answered (leaving out the fact that they were always empty when I filmed in them). Thus began a professional relationship with Barcroft TV, that then became Truly, one of the biggest Youtube channels.

Since then I have filmed a C-section, a young women with bionic arms, a comedian with scoliosis, a campaigner with lipoedema and a man with a fully tattoed face. To be honest this isn't the type of thing that I usually watch, let alone film, but it has been a genuine learning experience for me. In the case of the work I do for Truly, I only do the actual filming, they edit and do graphics etc, so it's always interesting to see which way they take the footage and story.