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BTS from Globe Theatre Filming

Recent Work

October 2023 | Ambassador Theatre Group

Work In Theatre

Short film following a day in the life of a Tech Support in an ATG Theatre.

Role DOP and Editor

August 2023 | Client Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Stockton International Riverside Festival 2023

Filming the four day festival and delivering several edits to share with socials and local media outlets.

Role: DOP and Editor

August 2023 | Client Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank show @ the tall ships race

Filming and editing several films based around the show 'The Tower of Light'

Role: DOP and Editor

June 2023 | Client: NHS Trust


Producing several films to be part of an interactive app helping people to get healthier before undergoing surgery.

Roles: DOP & Editor

Jan 2023 | Client: DJW Films

So What - Showreel

Short film for showreel use on spotlight

Roles: DOP and Editor

Jan 2023 | Client: Tin Arts

South Tees Arts Project

Produced a film that explored the STAR Project. Filming the project over a number of months and interviewing all organisations involved. The resulting film forms part of the ongoing research for the project.

Roles: DOP and Editor

December 2022 | Client: Youvegotthis

Everyone Active

Promotional film to help encourage people to look at fitness within there everyday life.

November 2022 | Client ChewyFox Production Company


Filming and editing a comedy short for the newly established production company 'ChewyFox'. The film has already been accepted into several film festivals.

Roles: DOP and Editor

October 2022 | Client: Periplum

A Thousand Feet Deep

Filming performance by Periplum.' A Thousand Feet Deep by Periplum is a dramatic outdoor performance spectacular exploring the history and spirit of Knowsley – in way you never will have imagined.'

Roles: DOP

October 2022 | Client: OOK Design

Stockton MET Promo Film

Producing several short films helping to promote the Stockton MET business meetings.

Roles: DOP, Editor

September 2022 | Client: Squidsoup

Power of Art

Editing a film about the use of alternative green energy specifically in the field of festival arts.

Role:  Editor

September 2022 | Client: Theatre Hullabaloo

Baba Yaga Promo Film

Producing a short promo film for the play Baba Yaga.

August 2023 | Client: Stockton International Riverside Festival


Producing a promo for the return of the Stockton International Riverside Festival after it took a break for two years due to COVID. Capturing every act over a four day period and producing a film to encapsulate the whole event.


2021 | Atlanta, Georgia

Spotlight Documentary Film Awards

Where the Stone Dropped - Best Documentary Feature

2021 | Belgrade

1st Monthly FIlm Festival

Where the Stone Dropped

2021 | Newburyport, MA

Newburyport Documentary Film Festival

Where the Stone Dropped - Official Selection

2021 | London UK

London International Monthly Film Festival

Footprints - Award, Best Documentary

Shooting PD

2022 | Future Publishing / Truly YouTube


Filming for the 'Transformed' strand of the Truly Youtube channel. 

STEVEN, 35, had kidney failure five years ago and so decided to tattoo his face after realising life was too short. The support worker, from Scarborough UK, suffered from illness in 2016 and when he went to the hospital, they informed him that his kidneys were functioning at 3%. That gave him the push to start tattooing his face and little by little most of his body was covered in ink. How will Steven react once he sees himself without any tattoos in this transformation? Will his friends recognise him?

2021 | Future Publishing, Channel 4

My Body My Rules

Zoe was diagnosed with Lipoedema after years of being told to lose weight by her GP. Since accepting her condition, Zoe has decided to educate the world about Lipoedema and help give people the confidence to go swimming and enjoy plus-size fashion.

2019 | Barcroft TV

Teen With Bionic Arms

A DETERMINED TEENAGER with bionic arms champions diversity by showing the world it’s ‘cool to be different.’ Tilly Lockey, from County Durham, UK had both her arms amputated at 15 months old after contracting Group B meningococcal septicaemia. The 13-year-old was the first teenager in Britain to receive a pair of the 3D-printed bionic arms in 2016. Constantly in demand for her modelling work, Tilly extensively travels the world raising awareness for meningitis - the condition which almost took her life as a baby.

2018 | Barcroft TV / Truly

Comedian With Scoliosis Laughs Off Condition

A 33-YEAR-OLD TWIN born with a curved spine, missing kidney and a "spatula" hand is embracing his differences through comedy. Matty Oxley, an aspiring comedian from Middlesbrough, was born with VATER Syndrome, a set of birth defects that often occur together, and include the curvature of his spine, or scoliosis. However, this hasn’t stopped him from fulfilling his dream: for the past five years, Matty has been performing stand-up comedy and has recently opened his own comedy club.

2018 | Barcroft TV

UK’s Shortest Family’ Welcomes Second Baby With Dwarfism

Challenging shoot for Barcroft TV involved shooting a C section.