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Performance Photography

Recent Examples of Video work.

Showreel 2023

Stockton International Riverside Festival 2023

Blueprint Artists Film Lab

Door To Door Poetry

You've Got This - Story of Change

Just Believe it...

DJW Monologues

Falling On Your Feet Helix Arts Large

Stockton HUB

Kenton School

Bear & Butterfly Promo - Theatre Hullabaloo

Great Place Tees Valley

Where The Stone Dropped

Stockton MET Promo

Rhinofloor - Design Trends

Substitute - Showreel


Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust

Twilight Hour Periplum

Defiant Requiem

#NoFilter Behind the Scenes


An unlikeliy meeting at a crucial time brings about a happy ending.

Stargazing is a short film for DJW Films. It sarted off as a showreel but then went on to win awards on the film festival circuit. Starring Geoff McDonald and David Armstrong.

Drama | Roles: DOP and Editor

Beyond the End of the Road

This short promo/doc for November Club and Northern Heartlands, looks at the travelling drama 'Beyond the End of the Road'. This is an example of the kind of work I really enjoy, capturing a performance and then interviewing those involved.

Drama | Roles: DOP and Editor

No Chance

Young love does not run truly in this tight short drama. Showreel for two young actors Maddie Joynes and Michael Tucker.

Drama | Roles: DOP, Sound and Editor

Blueprint Artists

A film made for Northern East Screen about their project 'Blueprint'. In the film we talked to artists about their work. This is a longer version of the film and was played at MIMA as an introduction to the project.

Roles: DOP and Editor

Refocus 2015

Refocus was a photographic project, in this film we speak to the artist involved and the scientist who helped them to create an iconic image.

Roles: DOP and Editor

Baba Yaga Promo

Promo for youth theatre piece by Theatre Hullabaloo and Theatre Porto. Following the scary story of the Baba Yaga.

Drama | Roles: DOP and Editor

Kings Coronation - Coronation Curry

One of several films made to engage people into celebrating the Kings Coronation in 2012.

Roles: DOP and Editor