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Performance Photography

Video Production

Ian Paine Creative takes pride in producing high-quality work that is tailored to each client's specific needs. The company's team of professionals has built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional results for clients across a wide range of industries, working closely with clients throughout the entire production process to ensure that the end result exceeds expectations.

"Ian has a professional approach, an excellent eye for detail, beautiful cinematography and unique understanding of the arts education sector. Bringing a collaborative approach to projects, Ian is able to bring out the best in participants and to deliver work of exceptional quality."

Janette Robinson, Head of Learning, Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Filming & Editing

Video content can bring your product or service to life, talk to us to start your video journey. Here's a list of some of the things we've done for clients in the past.

  • PROMOTION. We have helped dozens of organisations promote their product or service, utilising video to its full extent. 

  • TRAINING FILMS. Ian Paine has produced award winning films, including several BMI awards for training films. Recent work has included helping a client to train teachers both national and internationally.

  • EVENTS FILMING.  Over the years we have filmed many events including, Stockton International Riverside Festival, 'Streets of' Festival, Weekender Music Festival, Durham Mysteries, Includfest, Hull City of Culture, Mintfest.

  • DOCUMENTING PROJECTS. Helping to document long form projects is something we specialise in, recent examples include the redevelopment of The Globe Theatre in Stockton-on-Tees, which involved filming over a number of years.

  • ARTS FILMS. Since its inception in 2004 Ian Paine Creative has helped to promote and document many arts projects, from street arts to theatre pieces. Working closely with organisations such as Theatre Hullabaloo, Tin Arts, Walk the Plank, Periplum and individual performers including Jane Arnfield (The Tin Ring, The Gymnast), Rowan McCabe (The Door to Door Poet), Matt Millar (Fitting, Sticking), Peader Kirk (Director), Dominic Nelson Ashley.

Corporate & Social Media

Corporate work

This can cover about half of what I do under the banner of ‘Ian Paine Creative’ from a simple talking head shot of a CEO to a full blown company profile with multiple shoots in various locations. 

Social Media

Needless to say that social media has changed the way that we watch video content. Keeping films short and adding text (the majority of these clips are watched without sound) has become the norm. But if you are contemplating hiring someone to film your content still bear in mind ‘what do I want the audience to know at the end of this clip’? You may get someone to watch your clip because it is funny or very visual, but then what? You need to convert this watch into something more. Hopefully that’s where I can bring in my skills as a story teller to transform that interest into a real contact.


Over the years I have worked with many organisations as a consultant, helping them get the best from their content, whether producing it for them or helping them by speccing kit and supplying training.

Green Screen Shooting

Sometimes you don’t always have the best location or background available. This is where shooting green screen comes into its own. I have a fully portable set up that can help clients to produce a strong visual brand.


I have delivered training sessions to a wide variety of client groups from Primary Schools to volunteer groups, helping them to get to grips with video/photo gear or get their ideas for a film down on paper in a script.

Actor Showreels

Working with DJWTalent I help to produce/shoot/edit bespoke showreels for actors to share with their agents and Spotlight. Click here

Shooting PD (Producer/Director)

I have credits for acting as a ‘Shooting Producer/Director’ with all the kit needed:

  • Canon C300 Mkiii, Canon C300 Mkii, Canon C70, Canon EOS R, GoPro.

  • Mics: Scheops MK41, Sanken CS1 Short Shotgun Microphone, Sanken M1, Sennheiser 416t Shotgun Microphone. Various lavalier microphones Sanken Cos11, Bayer, Rode etc. Radio Mics (Sony, Micron and Sennheiser). SoundDevices 302 Broadcast Mixer.
    Sound Devices MixPre-3, Stands, Booms and sound blankets.

  • Litepanels (Astra 6X, Astra Soft), Kino Flo, Intellytech (LC-160) plus Elinchrom Kit for stills. Full Green Screen Kit.

  • Gimbal for C70 and C300, Syrp kit for timelapse, Syrp Slider, Hague Camera Crane, IndieDolly (sit on dolly with curves and straights), Miller Tripods with fluid heads.

  • Full kit of 'L series' Canon (17-40mm, 24-70, 24-105, 70-200, 85mm). Zeiss Milvus 25mm & 50mm (great prime lenses for drama work). Tokina 10-20mm, Sigma ART 18-35 f1.8, 35mm f1.4.

Photography Services

From headshots to documentary work, helping to capture just the right image for the client. Click here for more details.


I try to be as clear and transparent with pricing as possible, as ever it's always best to discuss a project beforehand to make sure that we can meet whatever the client's requirements are. So here's a couple of examples of pricing based on a simple shoot then edit structure.


Half a day shoot, followed by one day edit. Great for introduction films, perhaps MD delivering the ethos of the company, a chance to show your customers around your new premises. (Half Day shoot £250 and one day edit @ £450)



One day shoot with one day edit, a step up from the Basic Package, start telling your story using video, perhaps a piece to camera from your staff with some dynamic shots of your new product or service (£450 per day shoot, £450 edit)


Video Production

Full production service consultation, script, filming, editing, graphics and delivery to any platform. Example pricing based on one day filming followed by a two day edit (1 day shoot @ £450 per day 2 days edit @ £450 per day)



DOP, Director, Filmaker

Brands That Have Made Use of My Services