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Still from 'Home'


Here’s some examples of my longer form films. These are mainly ‘proper’ documentaries, some have gone on to win awards. Some can be watched via Vimeo On Demand or directly from the links, so sit back with your beverage of choice and take a look.

Where the Stone Dropped

The South Gare is a fascinating and unique stretch of land located in the North East of England. It is a place where nature and industry coexist, with a rich history and a strong community that has grown around it. As an area of great importance and interest, we decided to create a film that captures the essence of this incredible place, and to share it with the wider world.

Our film tells the story of the communities that call The South Gare home, showcasing the beauty of the landscape, the industriousness of the people, and the unique character that makes this place so special. We wanted to showcase the diversity of the people and their stories, and to celebrate the sense of community and belonging that has developed over time.

We wanted to capture the essence of the people and the place, and to show the beauty and complexity of this unique area. We were fortunate to work with many local people who generously shared their stories and their time, making the film a truly collaborative effort.

Sharing our film with the wider world is a wonderful opportunity to showcase this incredible place, and to raise awareness of the importance of protecting it. By sharing the stories of the people who live there, we hope to inspire others to connect with and appreciate The South Gare, and to recognize the vital role it plays in the local and wider environment.


In 2019 I was asked by Tin Arts to make a film to celebrate their twenty years as a dance company. I jumped at the chance. The film includes interviews with partner organisations, the workforce and most importantly with the people they work with and their families. The premier of the film took place at the Gala Cinema in Durham to an especially invited audience at the start of 2020 (about a week before the world changed and we went into lockdown).

The film even went on to win an award at London International Monthly Film Festival

Greatham Creek - Conversation

This film is probably one of my favourites. It was made as a pitch film for some funding that later turned into the film ‘Where the Stone Dropped’ and it was made in partnership with Graham Williamson. It is a pure ‘art film.’ In other words it doesn’t necessarily have a beginning, middle or end and probably breaks one of my usual rules, which is ‘who is the audience for this film’. We made this film for pure fun, trying out ideas that wouldn’t end up in a commercial film. Thanks to Graham and the brilliant Sarah Hayton, we ended up with a beautiful little film.

The film imagines a conversation between the river and the river estuary.

Infant Hercules 2023

Every now and again I end up filming something that really sticks in my heart. One of these somethings was Infant Hercules, so I decided to try and make a documentary about them. This film is just the starter, a taster of what I hope I capture (and then edit) about a group of men who get together and sing.

Infant Hercules

‘And they felt proud’

Made in 2011, this film is still one that I am incredibly proud of.  I worked with Laura Lindow who was working as a Clown Doctor in a hospital in Newcastle. During that time she met some incredible young people who had undergone heart transplants and she wrote a play called 'Heartbreak Soup,’ and I documented some of that process. This film includes interviews with four young people and some of the staff involved in the heart surgery and recovery. They talk candidly about everything that they have been through, their condition, diagnosis, transplant and road to recovery.

The Globe Theatre

In 2016 I was commissioned to work on documenting the development of the Globe Theatre in Stockton-on-Tees. The project allowed me to fully follow the whole redevelopment process, from the bare bones of a near derelict venue to the opening night and beyond. Click on the link below to see more details and some of the films made during the process.


A documentary about love, passion, pigeons & HOME. 

This documentary follows Daniel-John Williams on an adventure with racing pigeons. Meeting up with pigeon fanciers in Redcar, Teesside to learn the tricks and treasures of keeping, training, breeding and racing pigeons. We can't wait to liberate this film to audiences near and far.