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Treatment & Script

The process for developing a treatment and script for a film is crucial. This process must be done right to deliver a captivating experience, no matter what type of film it is.

An initial meeting is normally held to talk about ideas and the purpose of the film, and we will consider its intended audience, style, running time, and delivery format among other factors. The results of this meeting cultivate into a treatment, a concise summary of the film which takes in to account all the items mentioned, and gives a blueprint as to where the film will go, providing a constant guide throughout the production process.

A script is then produced. The exact form of the script will depend on the approach. A documentary-style film may produce a script that is simply a list of questions that will be asked in an interview format, and the answers to those questions will help to drive the film forward. A more traditional approach may mean a solid voice-over script along with a shot list. For example, these will be used when filming short dramas and showreels. Each script will undergo revisions, often involving the producers, directors and other key crew, to refine certain elements and make sure it is the best it can be for its audience.

If you have a conversation with me about this, I’m likely to ask some of these questions:

  • What audience are you making this for? It’s important to know who you want to see this film and what you want them to get out of it e.g information for prospective clients, so that I can help you tailor the film to reach the people you want it to reach. 
  • How do you want the film to be shown? Online? In a meeting? A public venue?
  • What do you want the effect of the film to be? What do you want your audience to be thinking and feeling?