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Walk the Plank - Tall Ships Race 2023

I had an amazing few days filming Walk The Plank’s Tower of Light show. I was approached to film the show by Walk The Plank themselves, having been recommended by a producer who was at last year’s SIRF.

This was a challenging job due to the show’s scale, so preparation was needed. After discussions with Walk The Plank I went to Hartlepool on a recce to see the show being set up, including the building of the main lighthouse structure. I also attended tech rehearsals on the Thursday night to get a feel for what the show would be like as a finished product. 

Since my focus was to capture the feel of the show as best as possible, I decided to use four cameras for the shoot, positioned around the set to see the show from different angles. These didn’t stay the same - high winds on Friday meant we had to move around a bit to avoid the drop zone for the pyrotechnics. However, aside from that the shoot went really smoothly, and the audience loved it.

As for the show itself, it was absolutely fantastic. A surprisingly funny and heartfelt tribute to the area, the show was visually dazzling with an amazing finale of fireworks and dancing. Walk The Plank pulled out all the stops and I want to thank them for bringing me on board to document their brilliant show.